UPVC sliding doors

What are the advantages and disadvantages of UPVC windows?

Are you now thinking of UPVC windows as an option ?

Here is everything you must know about their advantages, as well as their disadvantages:

Strong and Durable

UPVC is naturally a strong material. It resists humidity and also deformity, so it does not corrode and rarely sags or warps. Most of the reliable suppliers provide a 10-year warranty on all UPVC windows and we really expect them to live long and useful lives beyond their warranty.

Safe and Secure

UPVC windows utilise multi-point and multi-directional locking mechanisms to boost security wherever they are installed.

Their glass panes have internal glazing beading to stop unwanted visitors from gaining access to your home by deglazing the windows from outside. In UPVC windows all the joints in the window frames are welded for added strength.

The profiles in UPVC doors & windows are always reinforced with galvanized steel to gain strength & stability to the frame & shutters of the windows & doors.. Hence UPVC windows also have the benefit of being flame resistant to a great extent and will help to minimize fire-related incidents.

Advantages of UPVC windows

Value for Money

There are mainly two ways that UPVC windows provide value for money. First, they have high insulation which reduces the loss of heat during winter and loss of coolness during the summer. This allows air conditioners and central heating system to work less which consequently lowers energy bills.In a tropical climate like ours it is mainly the energy loss when we need to avoid due to high usage air cons to cool our rooms.

UPVC windows are economical as they last long enough. They provide more than enough valuable benefits to outweigh their original cost if the product is from a reliable brand.

Maintenance Free

In the normal course UPVC windows need only an occasional cleaning and are almost completely maintenance free . Cleaning UPVC windows is generally easy because their glass panes are carefully sealed to prevent humidity and dust from getting in between the glass panes. The UPVC frames are also easy to maintain. They are weather-resistant, don’t corrode in salt air and never need to be repainted.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

UPVC profiles have muti chamber design and hence have a high insulating property, highly durable, low maintenance recyclable and thermally efficient . It is this combination of features that makes UPVC one of the most sustainable building products on the market today and a very good value for your investment.

Majority of all the components in UPVC windows are from renewable sources & UPVC windows can be recycled after they have completed their useful life cycle.

The glass in the windows can also be crushed, melted and can be made into any new glass products. The metal parts in the windows which are mainly from the reinforcement inserts & hardware can also be recycled. UPVC itself can be recycled and re-purposed  into new UPVC windows & or in any other forms.

Disadvantages of UPVC windows:

They have their limitations and are not well suited & designed for all applications .

Our experience in working with UPVC windows for many years has shown us that though UPVC windows are undeniably the best choice for windows and doors in residential homes.

Our experience shows that in commercial & residential buildings where large window openings are dictated by the architects & the clients, in this building applications UPVC windows won’t suit & we definitely go in for Aluminium system windows.

They are hard to modify during renovations.

One of the great advantages of UPVC windows is they need very little maintenance. In the scenario, if you ever decide to completely renovate your building during the lifespan of your UPVC windows, and if you ever want to change the color of the frames, this can be a problem. As it is presently challenging to get on to a solution by which you can paint the windows to match your overall color scheme.

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